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I've been meaning to start this blog for awhile, but a few things stopped me:

a) I have children

b) I have children

c) When I actually get time to sit down at my computer, I am either too tired to think OR I find myself getting lost in reading mindless articles on Facebook or online shopping at

However, today I found myself feeling chipper with an extra bit of time on my hands, so here I am. I know that, given that I'm a Certified Sleep Consultant, you'd probably expect my blog to revolve around sleep issues. I considered doing that. Then I thought about all of the crazy experiences that I have as a now-single parent to two rambunctious and imaginative children, and realized that you might enjoy reading about the absolute chaos of my life instead. I, personally, love to read stories from other parents. Hearing how a parent successfully gave her melting down kid a time-out in Wal-Mart, or listening to a mom describe how she picked her child up from daycare only to discover that she had peed her pants right down to her rainboots- these tales make me feel like my parenting struggles are normal. I find that a lot of other parents that I encounter feel very alone in their struggles, especially with sleep and behaviour. Often I hear comments like, "All the other moms that I talk to at our playgroup seem to have it all together", or "I always feel judged when my child throws a tantrum in Safeway. It makes me not want to take my child out". WHAT??? These "master parents" that they speak of are, in my mind, either mythical creatures who don't exist on our Earth or are actors who have perfected their art. Their stories don't interest me, mostly because I believe they're made up!

If you're like me and you enjoy the "realness" of parenting, you might like my blog. If nothing else, maybe you can read it to get a quick chuckle in during your day. Occasionally I might write about sleep, but I'll be honest with you- most of my posts will involve poop, potty humor, and unconventional parenting techniques. If this even remotely interests you, check back soon for more. If not, I wish you luck as your try to navigate the "serious" world of parenting. May you be lucky enough to avoid poop explosions and fortunate enough to steer clear of the many and various forms of parenting faux-pas.



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