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Meet Melissa

Melissa Martin is a certified child sleep consultant and founder of Sleep Sanity Consulting. Melissa came to the field after facing huge sleep challenges with her son, so she empathizes with parents who are sleep deprived and looking for a solution! Armed with a knowledge base of ALL sleep training techniques and a sparkling sense-of-humor, Melissa loves nothing more than working with families to develop a customized sleep plan that works for them and gets the entire family the sleep they deserve!


A graduate of the Family Sleep Institute, Melissa has been trained in a variety of sleep training methods and philosophies and follows the Canadian Pediatric Society’s recommendations for infant and child safe sleep practices. Therefore, the sleep plans that she creates are unique to each family that she works with and take into consideration each family’s unique parenting philosophies and goals.  As a parent and professional, Melissa recognizes that ever child is unique, and she enjoys the challenges that come with finding sleep solutions with each family she meets. No situation is impossible! Melissa can help with all things sleep-related, including establishing a bedtime routine, determining how long your child should (or shouldn’t) be napping, getting your child to sleep in his or her own bed, or figuring out how to stop night wakings. Having worked with 4-month old babies to 4-year old children, Melissa is not afraid to tackle any challenge presented to her.


Melissa is a graduate of the University of Manitoba where she completed her Bachelor of Arts (English/Theatre) as well as her Bachelor of Education (Senior Years). In 2021, Melissa completed her Masters degree and graduated with a Masters in Inclusive Education from Brandon University with. Melissa currently teaches in the Life Skills program at a local high school where she works with students who have significant cognitive disabilities. Melissa resides in Brandon, Manitoba with her two very active children.


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Do you cringe at the thought of bedtime? Are you convinced you’ll never sleep again until your children move out for college? Are you living in survival mode where you can now efficiently run on only a few hours of rest?


Contact Melissa to find out more about how you can get the sleep that you and your family deserve!

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