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Client Cudos

"We are so incredibly thankful for Melissa's sleep plan for our son. He went from waking 10-15 times per night to waking just for required feeds. We saw results after 2-3 days. Our son not only sleeps better at night, he is also happier during the day and goes down for naps like a dream. Melissa was able to work with our schedule and provided helpful feedback and advice throughout the process." -Lindsey E.

"After our first child was born, my husband and I always joked that babies should come with instruction manuals.  Our first son didn’t sleep through the night until well into his second year.  We were able to get by sleeping when the baby was sleeping, but we never felt well rested. Fast forward to our second child:  At 4 months of age, Geoffrey was waking every 45 minutes throughout the night.  Sleeping during the day was impossible now that we had a toddler in tow.  We were more than tired - we looked and functioned like zombies.  We were sceptical, but desperate when we contacted Melissa at Sleep Sanity Consulting.  


Melissa met with our family through a video conference and had us fill in a questionnaire about our routines, parenting philosophies, and Geoff’s sleeping environment.  Within 24 hours, she had developed a personalized plan for our family - an instruction manual for our baby!  Within 3 days of starting sleep training, we had the longest uninterrupted sleep (5 hours!) since Geoff’s birth.  Rather than waking 8-12 times per night like before, our 4 month old baby would wake only 2-3 times to nurse.  Better yet, putting Geoff to sleep became a 2 minute process, rather than hours of pacing the halls, singing lullabies.  He now understands that when he is placed in his crib after his bedtime routine, it’s his responsibility to fall asleep.  


Throughout the sleep training process, Melissa provided continual support.  She checked in to see how we were progressing, made suggestions, and tweaked our sleep plan so that it worked!  She also provided us with a guide for how Geoff’s sleep patterns will change as he gets older.  Her positive attitude, reassurance and guidance kept us committed to following through with the program.   Thank you so much for restoring sanity to our family, Melissa!" -The Lynns

"Melissa was understanding and reassuring when we spoke with her about Luke's sleep. She was great about checking in if she didn't hear from us for a day or two and she was quick to suggest small tweaks to the plan when my updates/questions presented opportunities". - Lindsay B.

"After having heard Melissa share some bedtime strategies for toddlers, I was recently caring for my grandson.

When it came to naptime, I had always been successful in rocking him to sleep.  But, I was hesitant to put him down in his crib for fear he would wake up startled and feeling alone.

This time was different. I felt confident to try Melissa's suggestions.  I rocked and sang to him until I thought he was asleep and then I transferred him to his crib. He quickly woke up.  I moved the rocking chair close by and patted his back while leaving him in the crib.  When he became increasingly upset, I picked him up again, and rocked him, but, this time I remained quiet.  And after a few minutes. when he was relaxed and sleepy, I tried again.  He stirred a little, but, didn't get up.  The whole time I was right there sitting in the chair next to him patting his back till he drifted off. I moved the chair by the door and sat there for a while so that if he did wake up, he'd see me and know he wasn't alone.  And, he ended up having a 2 hour nap that day, waking up rested and happy and knowing that his Nana was there for him the whole time!!" - Brenda L.

Melissa graciously attended the Prairie Mountain Health Healthy Baby Program in Brandon, MB and spoke to our prenatal and postnatal moms about infant sleep and forming healthy sleep habits. Melissa is such an enthusiastic and engaging speaker and our groups loved hearing what she had to share and had many questions on the topic for her! We thank you for attending our group and would love to have you back!   - Shauna Woodmass, Healthy Baby Program

"We can't say enough about Melissa! We'd tried to sleep train our son for 2 months with not much success, and we didn't know how to get past certain hurdles. Within days of working with Melissa, we saw major progress and feel way more confident about what we're doing! Her plan is amazing, but it's the unlimited support that we got after implementing the plan that made ALL the difference! Our only regret was not getting her right off the hop, since we could've saved ourselves and our son a lot of stress and sleepless days/nights. Within a week, we're exactly where we'd hoped we could get to and are confident that we know how to troubleshoot any bumps in the road ahead!" - Jen, Al and Ty H.

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